Fulfillment Policy & Refund Policy

Fulfillment and Refund Policy 

At Roasinfinity, we prioritize client satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional advertising services tailored to meet our clients' needs. Our fulfillment and refund policy outlines our approach to delivering high-quality services and provides details on refunds in case of cancellation or dissatisfaction.

Service Delivery:

1. Consultation and Planning: Upon engagement, clients receive a comprehensive consultation session to discuss their advertising needs and objectives. We collaborate closely to develop a tailored advertising strategy.

2. Execution: Our experienced professionals execute the advertising campaign according to the agreed-upon strategy, utilizing various channels and mediums to maximize reach and effectiveness.

3. Monitoring and Optimization: Throughout the campaign, we continuously monitor performance metrics and make necessary adjustments to optimize results and ensure success.

Refund Policy:

1. Scope of Refunds: Refunds are considered within certain parameters and are subject to the terms outlined in our agreement with the client.

2. Cancellation Before Service Commencement: Clients may cancel their service before the campaign begins, subject to a cancellation fee covering administrative costs and any completed work.

3. Cancellation After Service Commencement: Refunds for cancellations after the campaign begins are prorated based on the remaining unused portion of the service, minus applicable fees and expenses incurred up to the cancellation date.

4. Dissatisfaction: In the event of dissatisfaction with our services, clients are encouraged to communicate their concerns promptly. We will work to address any issues and, if necessary, consider a refund or alternative resolution.

Communication and Transparency:

1. Clear Communication: We maintain open and transparent communication with clients, providing regular updates on campaign progress and addressing concerns promptly.

2. Accessibility of Policies: Our refund and cancellation policies are prominently displayed on our website, ensuring they are easily accessible to all potential clients before engagement.

At Roasinfinity, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding advertising solutions while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and client service. Our fulfillment and refund policy reflect our commitment to transparency, accountability, and client satisfaction.

If you have any type of questions or issue simply mail us at support@roasinfinity.com